I am a portraiture family photographer available throughout Sydney and the Blue Mountains.


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All the information you need to know about the photography sessions

The Photographer

family photography session smiling and posing for a photo in autumn
From a young age I have loved photography. Those priceless memories in time, caught, to be reflected on for years to come. But it wasn’t until my eldest daughter was born that I put the wheels into motion to expand on my understanding of all things photography related. With the support of family and friends, I commenced my business and started capturing other people’s special moments.

My girls are my muses. They are not poses, far from lol. I run around them to get that perfect shot. I come up with silly games to get those cheeky smiles and I let them be as they are and explore. I love capturing those real expressions. Those frowns when they are told no, those whole hearted belly laughs and those cheeky grins. I will work with your family to get to know you, your little ones, and how to capture you all in the best way possible.

My photoshoots can be a little adventure in the wilderness or just a day in your life. Whatever you want to remember in years to come.


General Information


How long is the session?

Children, Family, and Lifestyle sessions can take up to 1 hour. Newborn sessions can take up to 3 hours.


Where will the session be located?

Anywhere you are comfortable within Sydney to the Blue Mountains and the immediately surrounding suburbs.

If you are unable to decide or have no idea where you would like to have your shoot, we can discuss what you would like to get out of the shoot and I’ll make a recommendation.

A general guide is about an hour from Springwood, one way, anything over will be charged at $10 for each additional 15 minutes in travel (return trip included).


How much do the sessions and products cost?

Please visit the “Packages” tab on this page, which lists the prices for the sessions, packages and what’s included.


Who be photographed?

Whoever is booked into the session, though I try to include everyone that attends the session.

I’ve found that sometimes parents don’t want to be in the photos. It is as if they feel it is more important to capture their children or they become self-conscious as to how they would look, but it is about documenting your life too that is important for your children.

They won’t remember how you smiled when you held them or how you followed them around the home cleaning up their mess or how nervous and excited you looked as they rode their bike around for the first time. Let them join you when in the years to come, you all look back at these memories and remember the family as a whole.


What is included in the packages?

Please refer to the “Packages” tab on this page for a list of all included products.


What can I expect in the shoot?

I understand that children will get tired and bored very quickly when asked to pose for any length of time, so I will go between posed and candid shots to keep them interested and entertained.

I will do a mixture of single, duo, and group shots, both posed and candid. If you have any ideas such as, spinning around with your child, playing peek-a-boo behind a tree, or a tasteful nursing shot with your baby, just mention it and we will give it a go.

Yours and your child’s welfare and happiness is the most thing to me during the session, so please feel comfortable enough to interrupt me whenever you wish to either entertain your children, feed them, settle them or speak up if you have any concerns.




What should I bring?

This is completely up to you, but anything special or meaningful to your children/babies is helpful, such as a blanket or toys to entertain them, settle them, grab their attention. If your child is shy, toys can help them to feel comfortable.


What should I wear?

Further information regarding what to wear will be emailed to you upon booking your session. 




How long until I receive my images?

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your images to be prepared and a private viewing gallery set up for you to view your images from the shoot and 6 weeks for your products to be finalised.


How do I choose my images?

Once your private viewing gallery has been prepared, you will receive an email with a link and log in details.

Within your gallery will be instructions on navigating through your images and deciding on your product. You will be able to make comments on individual images such as editing requests.

You can select your favourites and once complete I will receive a list of your chosen images to begin finalising your products.

The gallery will be available for viewing for a 1-week limit.


Can I change my mind about the selected images?

Yes, you can. After you have submitted your images, you will still have access to make amendments to your order for a week. Afterwards if you wish to make any amendments to your order, contact me to discuss, because it will not be possible once your order has been sent for printing.

If your private viewing gallery needs to be reopened, the first request will be free though any others afterwards will incur a $50 charge for each request to reopen.

With each reopening of your gallery, you will a 1-week limit before it is closed.


How long will my photos be kept for?

Your images will be stored for up to 5 years


How long do I have to choose my images?

Once your private viewing gallery is available you will have 1 week before being locked out. If you need more time, please let me know in advance.


Who will have access to my private viewing gallery?

I will give access only to you, but you can give access to anyone you want.


Can I share the images?

Not the ones in the private viewing gallery, but after you receive your package and products, you can share them with whoever you want and display them freely on social media.


How often will you be in contact with me?

I will regularly attempt to stay in contact, by phone or email whichever you prefer to follow up and keep you updated regarding your shoot and order.


What if I am not satisfied with the session or my products?

Your satisfaction with the session and finalised products is important, so before you receive the finalised product I do ensure they are of top quality but if for some reason you are not satisfied or if there are any concerns please let me know.


What will happen in the event of bad weather?

Depending on the weather conditions it may be unsuitable to proceed with the session, so I will discuss it with you before the session giving you the option to reschedule.


What is your Refund Policy?

As I take bookings up until 48 hours before a given time slot, if you cancel before 48 hours before your session, you will get a full refund with no questions asked.

If the cancellation is done within 48 hours, due to the possible loss of business as your time slot becomes completely unavailable there will be a 50% fee of the session cost.