I am a portraiture family photographer available throughout Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

Sydney Family Photographer in a candid portrait

Sydney Family Photography

I’m a Sydney family photographer who travels and services all areas of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs.

I pride myself on creating an enjoyable, creative, and giggle-filled experience for you. I will capture a variety of candid and posed portraits that you can hang on your wall. You will get delicately retouched high-resolution images.

Who Am I?

Hi! I’m Debora, a professional family photographer in my 30s and these are my beautiful children. My ideal night-in is Thai, wine, and Netflix (Currently watching The Umbrella Academy). I love organising ANYTHING(!!), being in nature, exploring and going somewhere new.

Not Only An Expensive Camera

Sometimes the images taken may not turn out the way we expected them to. Sometimes we have bad skin/hair days. My goal is always to make you look your best. I never want to change things that make you who you are, but I am open to requests for any retouching suggestions. My edits are about enhancing your images.

Penrith Family Photography colourful smiling girl looking up at the camera afterPenrith Family Photography colourful smiling girl looking up at the camera after

Is It Only Sydney Family Photography? 

No! I also mean to include all the surrounding suburbs, the Blue Mountains, and the Hawkesbury. A Penrith Family Photographer, Blue Mountains Family Photography, Hawkesbury Family Photography. I could go on forever!

What You Can Expect From Me

For starters, a high degree of planning. Sometime before your session, I will scout the location to get an idea of all the beautiful spots. On the day of your session, I want to spend my time photographing your family, not umming or erring.

To help you get the perfect family portrait, I will provide you with an outfit guide (my opinion, not rules). There will be correspondence and communication before and after the session.

Call Me…Call Me NOW!!

Now it’s your turn to stop umming and erring! Ask me any questions, 0416 691 727,  over email (my contact me link) or lets chat in real time over messenger.